Benefits of a PMI Membership

What are the Benefits of a PMI Membership?

Become part of a global community dedicated to the advancement of the project management profession and making ideas into reality.

Before we start discussing the benefits of a PMI membership, let’s have a quick look at the types of PMI membership.

PMI offers four types of membership. These memberships are as follows:

type of pmi membership
Types of Membership
  1. Individual Membership
  2. Student Membership
  3. Retiree Membership
  4. Group Membership

Individual Membership: This membership is for anyone who wants to join the PMI. The initial joining fee is 139 USD, and then you have to pay 129 USD yearly.

Student Membership: If you are a student, then you can join the PMI using this membership. The first-time joining fee for you is 42 USD, and then you have to pay 32 USD yearly.

Retiree Membership: If you were a member of PMI for at least five consecutive years and have since retired, you can still be a member of PMI by paying a 65 USD renewal fee.

Group Membership: This membership is open to organizations or universities that have a group of 15 or more people interested in joining PMI. If you are part of such a group, you can directly contact PMI to get the discounted membership fee.

Benefits of a PMI Membership

You can realize the benefits of a PMI membership while preparing for the PMP exam as well as when you become a PMP. 

A few benefits of a PMI membership include:

Discount on the PMP Certification Exam Fee

This first benefit is that it helps you financially if you are going to apply for the PMP certification exam.

Once you become a PMI member, the PMP certification exam fee will be reduced from 555 USD to 405 USD. This is an immediate saving of 150 USD. Note that you only paid 139 USD to become a member, which means that the discount exceeds the cost of joining the PMI.

You will save 11 USD.

Free Digital Copy of the PMBOK Guide

If you are applying for the PMP certification, you will have to study the PMBOK Guide, as the PMP exam is based on the PMBOK Guide and PMP Exam Content Outline. 

As a member of PMI, you can download the latest version of the book, free of charge. The cost of a PMBOK Guide on Amazon is around 36.50 USD, for the Kindle.

Therefore, you are saving 36.50 USD.

You can also download many other relevant standards and frameworks for free, e.g., the Standard for Program Management, Practice Standard for Scheduling, Practice Standard for Project Risk Management, and many others.

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