Firefighting/Fire Warden Safety Training Course

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This course is designed for workers who may face exposure to a firefighting hazard. The course provides learners with the basic principles of fire combustion and actions to take on discovering a fire. It also discusses types of fire extinguishers and their operation, including the use of fire blankets and hose reels.


This Course Is Designed to information relating to fire fighting , fire warden, fire marshal with below topics covered

  • Background and Objectives
  • Why Fire Warden Training? Basic legal overview of the responsibilities and role of the Fire Wardens/Marshals
  • An understanding of the dangers of fire
  • An insight into how fires start and spread. This also includes those preventative measures we can take to prevent fires and fire spread.
  • Building Protection
  • Emergency Lighting, Alarms, Fire Detection, Lifts, Fire Doors and more.
  • Human Behaviour in Fire
  • A review of human behaviour in an emergency, delivered through a variety of visual techniques, including videos and other engaging and eye opening means
  • Role of Fire Warden – Basic
  • Staff action on discovering a fire, raising the alarm etc.
  • Your site specific evacuation procedures and roles/duties of the fire warden/marshal.
  • The Fire Extinguisher
  • Theory on the use of fire extinguisher

What I will learn?

  • To ensure that trainees are fully conversant with the correct fire fighting and rescue procedure techniques successfully in the event of fire.

Course Curriculum

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Target Audience

  • Equipment operator
  • Worker’s supervisor/first line supervisor
  • Safety officer/Safety Manager
  • Operation/Maintenance Manager
  • All those who require detailed knowledge about firefighting are welcome

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