Introductory Orientation Program for Newcomers to the Banking Industry

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This comprehensive training program for the juniors and newly hired employees for any Bank operating in the country gives young professionals with no prior experience or background in banking industry the basic foundation to understand the basics and fundamentals of the banking elementary functions. This program will cover Customers Service, Time Deposits, Savings, Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee, basics of Credit Analysis / Ratio Analysis, Anti-Money Laundering & Combatting Terrorism Financing, Internal Audit, Compliance, Risk Management and Governance.

This training will enable the attendees to develop their skills and knowledge in relation to the major Banking areas and main departments that they have to deal with while carrying out their duties in order to enable them to effectively carry out their pertinent future duties in a highly professional standard.


This workshop prepares participants to know what is Budget, prepare one and to control it by earnings.

In preparation, the need to understand what is budget and to be familiar with the types of budget is essential in order to use the one that suits the activity of the business.

Collecting the required data and preparing the budget is another essential part in order to achieve an adequate measuring tool that can relay pertinent data and effective control over a business

The second part of the workshop focuses on the elaboration of a cash flow that will help in having a continuous and periodical control on the movement of cash in a business.

What I will learn?

  • Understand fundamental banking concepts
  • Recognize basic Customers Service activities and KYC
  • Apprehend basics of Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee
  • Grasp Basics of Credit Analysis and Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Know about Anti-Money Laundering & Combatting Terrorism Financing
  • Appreciate the control role of Internal Audit and Compliance
  • Assimilate Risk Management Taxonomies
  • Know a little about Credit Risk / Operational Risk
  • Learn Useful Indicators (KPIs / KRIs)
  • Explore Fundamentals of Corporate Governance
  • Get used to Banking Terminology & Concepts
  • Reduce the financial risk while achieving the organization’s goals
  • Develop reasonable knowledge in cash flow estimation and working capital management
  • Develop awareness of key financial ratios analysis
  • Recognize key financial terms and their role in the banking business
  • Take the guesswork out of their decision making; deliver a better bottom line

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Target Audience

  • This workshop targets all newly hired staff and Juniors who have less than 5 years of banking experience looking to learn the fundamentals of different banking processes. The course is presented in a manner that reduces the jargon to basic principles.

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