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This course has been especially designed to help the organisation unlock the creative potential in their staff, from managers to shop floor employees. The course will demonstrate to delegates how to overcome the traditional barriers to creative thinking and to use a wide variety of techniques to stimulate their brains to suggest new ideas or inventions or better ways of doing things. The course is highly participative and full study notes will be given for the delegates to refer to later. Audio visual aids such as Video Presentations will reinforce the learning.

C O U R S E  O B J E C T I V E

  • Understand how the creative thinking process works
  • Make effective use of a wide range of creative thinking techniques when attempting to solve difficult problems and make vital decisions
  • Conduct creative problem solving and decision making sessions
  • Stimulate and encourage your own staff to make use of their hitherto hidden creative talents
  • Manage the evolution of ideas from invention to innovation

Some of the major benefits of attending include:

    • Unlocking the creative ideas within yourself and your staff
    • Learning how to conduct your own problem solving and decision making sessions
    • Helping your company to become a “learning organisation”
    • Knowing how to use techniques to invent new products and services
    • Increasing the revenue for your company if any new ideas are developed.

What I will learn?

  • You'll learn skills like how to identify options, conducting research, weighing options, applying problem-solving steps and tools, identifying appropriate solutions and making rational decisions based on facts and good judgment.

Course Curriculum

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Target Audience

  • All those with a management responsibility from superintendent and above including second line managers and senior supervisors and constantly coping with the need for solving problems, the solutions of which will impact on the individual members of staff, the team, the department, the unit and the organisation. In any day or week, managers have to agree a delivery date, match staff to jobs that need doing, handle requests for leave, appraise a member of staff, set an agenda for an important meeting, allocate resources for a specific project, settle demarcation disputes, and so on. The quality of the problem solving process is crucial and not only does it affects the immediate, but can provide opportunities long into the future. The programme will enhance the experience of the participants and raise their performance as managers with immediate impact.
  • The programme is primarily intended for all managers who have to solve problems and take decisions. These will range from line managers and especially first and second line supervisors and officers, but it will also be useful to all those involved in training and development. This includes mid-level managers, officers and assistant officers, personnel professionals, training facilitators. As well as all those with, or being prepared for, a responsibility for problem solving and decision - making.

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