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This course will enable the delegates to communicate effectively in a variety of public speaking venues, utilizing nonverbal as well as verbal skills.  The delegates will be able to critically assess information both on a verbal and research level.

This course will enable the delegates to recognize the importance of self-concept in oral communication, to interview effectively, and to work in groups confidently. The learning outcomes and competencies detailed in this outline meet, or exceed the learning outcomes and competencies specified by our trainer who will provide all their efforts in making sure the outcomes are met.


Communication Skills

Creation and delivery of messages

Through a variety of assessment tasks, impromptu and extemporaneous speaking assignments, the delegates will analyze his/her speaking strengths and weaknesses to demonstrate effective communication skills in the persuasive speaking assignment. The delegates will demonstrate their knowledge of Standard English wording, phrasing, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The delegates will utilize appropriate organizational strategies, fulfill their speech goal and demonstrate an effective and appropriate visual presentation.

Analytical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking

Through a variety of assessment tasks, the delegates will demonstrate his/her ability to identify the topic to be analyzed, choose an appropriate organizational pattern, demonstrate sound research skills, draw logical conclusions, support conclusions with evidence and reason and apply relevant principles and concepts to the chosen topic.

Personal Development Skills

Personal management

Through a variety of assessment tasks, the delegates will identify the nature and depth of their specific speech apprehension, take personal responsibility for addressing the apprehension and utilize available opportunities to improve his/her anxiety.

Major Summative Assessment Task(s)

This learning outcome (s) will be demonstrated by:

Completion of a persuasive speaking assignment that demonstrates the application of all discussed assignments and mastery of advanced technological support through visual aids. The speaker will deliver a 5-8 minute presentation using a minimum of 5 credible sources. The speech will be extemporaneous, utilizing appropriate presentation skills learned throughout the course

What I will learn?

  • Become a professional public speaker who can speak impromptu
  • Boost your confidence and connect with a broader audience
  • Learn how to deal with nerves and overcome your fears effectively
  • Prepare your presentation materials in a structured and understandable way
  • Start your presentation with opening hooks that capture attention
  • Engage your audience with relevant and useful content
  • Define and establish a presenting style that distinguishes you from others
  • Master your body language to radiate confidence and speak assertively
  • Adjust your setting to the message you would like to deliver
  • Close any presentation with impact to demonstrate your professionalism
  • Be prepared for any challenges and be armed with tools to deal with them

Course Curriculum

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Target Audience

  • Managers of all levels
  • Business Executives and Professionals
  • Sales and Business Development Professionals
  • Professionals whose roles include addressing large audiences
  • Individuals who often deliver formal presentations and speak at conferences
  • Everyone who wants to deliver a presentation with impact and results

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