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Social media marketers are an organization’s direct connection to customers. Social media has dramatically changed the game by allowing businesses to directly engage with their customers. In this masterclass, discover how to leverage social media in your overall marketing strategy, align your business goals with social media goals, and learn best practices for helping you successfully connect with clients and customers.

Course Outline

Module 1. Decision Making in social media
Module 2. Social Media Strategies
Module 3. Content Marketing for social media
Module 4. Campaign Implementation & Paid Ads
Module 5. Analytics & Reporting
Module 6. Social Media Tools
Module 7. Social Media Career Development & Job Hunting in the UAE

What I will learn?

  • Learn the foundational skills of social media
  • Utilize social media tools and solutions to achieve your organizational goals, failure stories and best practices to learn from
  • Discover how to leverage social media in your overall marketing strategy and how to advertise on social platforms and measure its effectiveness.

Course Curriculum

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Target Audience

  • SME Owners
  • Business Development Managers
  • Business managers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals in-charge of developing and/or implementing a social media for their organization
  • Professionals interested in a career shift to social media

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