Strategic Sales Management

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This course is aimed at helping sales individuals in developing the right skills to build the right mind-set in developing good client base without becoming pushy. It provides an understanding of how to build a solid relationship with your clients. The course is delivered in an interactive way to keep the participants learn by practicing


Creating a sales management strategy is one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue and profitability. Sales management is about leading the people and process your company uses to sell to prospects and convert them into customers. Responsibilities include: Building the right sales strategy. Hiring the right team.


  • Identify the behaviors and skills of a successful sales professional.
  • Apply a structured and tested sales process to maximize every sales opportunity.
  • Understand prospecting basics and be able to conduct a sales call.
  • Use appropriate questioning techniques and listening skills which will lead to a reduced level of objections and an increased level of sales.
  • Make presentations that meet both organization objectives and the needs of the audience.
  • Anticipate objections and work up strong responses.
  • Describe different types of selling models.
  • Choose a closing technique to earn the business.
  • Draft a formula to achieve sales goals.
  • Manage the customer relationship on an ongoing basis.
  • Differentiate themselves from competition through building better customer relationships and the use of customer care philosophies.


The Changing Business Environment

  • Evolution of personal selling
  • The new sales competencies
  • Behaviors, characteristics and skills of a successful salesperson
  • Assessing performance according to specific sales indicators
  • The 10 root causes of sales problems
  • Personal selling profile

Preparation and Self Organization

  • Personal management
  • Time management for sales people
  • Understanding the psychology of selling
  • Developing a strategy for sales success

The Sales Process

  • Effective prospecting and pre-visit research
  • Setting goals based on your sales quota and plan
  • Analyzing the territory and conducting account research
  • Planning your calendar to achieve sales goals and build a sales pipeline
  • Identifying resources and methods of generating leads
  • Delivering clear and effective presentations
  • Handling and overcoming objections
  • Achieving positive closing techniques
  • Recognizing service as a hard differentiator

Business Negotiation Skills

  • Understanding the principals involved in successful negotiation
  • Sales negotiation and vulnerability analysis
  • Building a value position and relationship through artful negotiating

Managing the Customer Relationship

  • Service beliefs and philosophy
  • Basic attributes of a positive attitude
  • Questioning and probing skills
  • Understanding different buyer behaviors styles and your own
  • How to respond to different buyers and different personalities
  • Strategies to maintain communication with a customer

What I will learn?

  • Successful completion of the certified logistics and supply chain management professional certification course will help you to:
  • Master the essential knowledge needed for the logistics, transportation, and distribution industry
  • Recognize supply chain integration to support products in the various product life cycles
  • Balance logistics, manufacturing, and inventory policies with demand and customer satisfaction
  • Identify operational challenges/problems in supply chains and logistics systems and assert the relevance of models and methods to resolve them
  • Leverage organizational capabilities and resources across logistics and supply chain business processes

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Target Audience

  • All managers, executives, supervisors, all support and admin personnel involved with sales, marketing, accounts handling, customer service and front desk, PR, corporate communication, sales support functions - all who wants to master successful selling skills and dominate your target market

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