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This training course deals with the HR issues that many managers and supervisors are expected to deal with as part of their jobs. It introduces human resource concepts and covers the key areas of performance reviews, discipline, and termination as well as related concepts like absenteeism, diversity, and benefits. Many organizations, large and small, suffer from the entrenched misunderstanding between human resources & line management. Both seem to be a world apart when, in a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing business environment, partnership cooperation and expertise are most needed. As a result, organizations have suffered from costly employee-related issues. To close the gap, both parties need to develop their skills in each other’s area. While developing a thorough understanding of the business and its operation is a prerequisite skill for any HR professional, the same is not necessarily true for line management. However, it has become evidently clear that good management is about understanding and managing the factors that lead to change in employee behavior and developing commitment and engagement. The success and growth of the organization will depend on how effective non-HR managers become competent in HR-related activities.

Course Outline

  • Process to develop and adopting effective HR policies and procedures for your organization
  • Importance of training and development programs and measuring its need
  • Performance management and how this is central to good HR practice
  • “Talent war” in recruitment
  • Pay and rewards an Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Strategic Human Resource Management
  • The Design of Organizational Forms
  • Managing with and without a specialist HR Function
  • Shaping an appropriate Organizational Culture for your company
  • Performance Management
  • Building Capability within your organization
  • Evaluating HR policies and Practices.

What I will learn?

  • Explain the key HR areas such as organizational design; performance management; learning and development, international HR practices; organizational culture
  • Master current best practices for conducting interviews and making "best hire" decisions
  • Understand the nature and importance of human resource management decisions
  • Be able to make effective contributions to the design and implementation of HR policy in a range of organizational settings
  • Be able to describe and explain the essential idea of what it means to take a strategic human resource management approach
  • Identify how to avoid legal pitfalls and costs by having an up-to-date awareness of employment law
  • Gain an understanding of the appropriate use of ICT in the area of HR

Course Curriculum

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Target Audience

  • HR Managers
  • Business Leaders
  • Aspiring HR professionals who wants to move up

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