Strategic Selling Skills

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The Effective Selling Skill course will explain you all the necessary tools of the trade. In a methodical, systematic approach, you will learn how to define your target market, how to approach your prospects, how to conduct a sales interview, How to close the sales, How to get the referrals etc.

It is a matter of fact that without necessary selling skills, organization cannot generate the sufficient revenue for the sustainable growth. All the successful organizations emphasize considerably on the training of its sales executives so that they can inculcate the qualities that can help them achieve their sales target that will eventually contribute in the success of the organization.

Learners will understand that selling is not only hard work, but also smart work. It can be highest paid hard work or lowest paid easy work. Most important thing is to solve the problems faced by customers. They will also be able to Identify the performance issues, Develop smart goals and plan of action and implementation by behavioral changes, measure the ROI and results. They will know that How right Attitude is important in achieving the sales target as Attitude precedes everything and get to know about the motive behind selling the product. Create a vision board.

What I will learn?

  • Demonstrate traits of an excellent sales manager.
  • Plan forecasts and quotas with more accuracy and precision.
  • Set up sales coaching and counseling sessions effectively.
  • Employ and train the sales team to generate increased sales and profits.
  • Show leadership and team building abilities to optimize sales results.
  • Schedule effective and productive coaching sessions and individual sales performance reviews.

Course Curriculum

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Target Audience

  • This course is designed for Salespeople, sales support, as well as potential candidates for sales positions who want to build and revitalize their existing selling skills.

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