Employees Performance Vs Habits 

It might seem natural to have a sense of insecurity in the workplace. There could be millions of reasons (A bit exaggerated but certainly many) as to why one could feel in such a way. But surely, we all have experienced it one way or the other.

I have been a victim of such useless thinking during one of the roles I took. I have always needed to perform more, extremely competitive, and above all, it made me restless. The constant worry of “What If?” never allowed my mind to rest.

The Problem with this is:

  • I was always rushing – Be it to deliver the project or because I wanted to make sure I made the impression, but somehow, I was always in a hurry.
  • Made tons of mistakes – The process of worrying too much always took more space in my mind than the actual work (a bit sad).
  • Took criticisms to my heart – The need to perform created the illusion of perfectionist. I wanted to do everything right. Criticisms, either constructive or on the other end felt personal.

The worst part is, by the end of it all… never worked with that employer, and I end up resigning!

Now, looking back I think I have fought the inescapable – reality. One way or the other, just like any relationship, our work life will have its ups and downs, so why bother so much about the end and miss the journey altogether?

What can be done instead?

  • Always Be Cultivating yourself – Learn, grow and be different
  • I can’t emphasize more on this more as I have seen it work for me… You should always be learning to be a better version of yourself. After all, the fight is to be better of the saboteur inside you not with the random new employee who seems to perform way better (Which might also be just in your head)
  • Stay connected with Industry Experts
  • Network, grow your connection, as you do that you will discover new developments in your field.
  • Take time to talk and motivate yourself
  • Take up some motivational activities (there are thousands of them … yoga, workout, dancing (my top fav), and so on. Discover multiple activities that make you grounded. We all need an anchor.

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